ASPACER and Mines and Energy Minister discusses competitiveness of natural gas

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The ASPACER (Paulista Association of Coating Ceramics) and federal representatives Mendes Thame (PSDB-SP) and Jaime Martins (PSD / MG) took part in last week’s meeting with the Minister of Mines and Energy, Eduardo Braga, to treat the competitiveness of natural gas, depending on the scenario of uncertainty caused by the current situation of Petrobras, the main producer of gas in the country.
For Luis Fernando Quilici, director of ASPACER and Coordinator of the Brazilian Forum of Business Associations Natural Gas Pro-Market, it is urgently needed an energy plan for the country, highlighting clearly what the role of each input in the Brazilian energy matrix, especially the natural gas so important to various production chains, such as ceramic, glass and chemical industry.
The Minister Eduardo Braga, welcomed the argument made by ASPACER and highlighted the commitment of the federal government in boosting the natural gas industry in Brazil, opening this market to new entrants agents, allowing greater competition in the production, transportation, distribution and marketing of energy.
Currently it is estimated that the ceramic coating industry, consume 14% of all natural gas used in the industry, the second industrial segment that consumes more gas in the country.
Also according to Quilici, “initially only the withdrawal of Petrobras in its participation in some stages of the production chain of natural gas, will allow the sector has more competition, a factor that should make the cheaper feedstock, increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian gas consuming industry natural. “