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Government sanctions the new Civil Procedure Code

President Dilma Rousseff signed the new Civil Procedure Code (CPC) in the last 16 days, Monday. During the event, President Dilma exalted the quest for speedy trial, maintaining the wide right of defense. According to her, with the installment, or gratuity of judicial desepesas, there is an increased access to justice. “More justice for all

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Brazil tries to reconnect US

The Brazilian government begins on Wednesday, 11, officially the movement of rapprochement with the United States with the first trip of a minister in the country since the 2013 crisis, when it was discovered that the Americans had a scheme to spy on the Brazilian government. After two years of mutual distrust, the country back

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Dilma Rousseff é reeleita presidente do Brasil por mais quatro anos

A candidata Dilma Rousseff (PT) derrotou o senador Aécio Neves (PSDB) nas urnas no segundo turno das Eleições 2014 no dia 26 de outubro e foi reeleita para a Presidência da República para governar o Brasil por mais quatro anos, entre 2015 e 2018. Com 100% das urnas apuradas pelo TSE (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral), a candidata

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