Release: Tariff Review Natural Gas

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As 301ª meeting of the executive board of the ARSESP held on 03.11.2015 and published in the Official Gazette on 03.25.2015, has been set:

Home invalidation process of Resolution No. 494 which provides for the provisional adjustment of marketing margins of São Paulo Gas Company – COMGÁS with challenges to its art.2 that is:

Art. 2 – Apply the period from 31 May 2014 to 30 January 2015, a temporary adjustment of 4.7212% (four and seven thousand two hundred and twelve tenths thousandths of a percentage point) to the current marketing margins COMGÁS which was calculated in proportion to the provisional adjustment, that would be applied for twelve months if it were kept the date of May 30, 2015 for completion of the review.

Home invalidation process of Resolution No. 517/2014 and the Technical Note No 02/2014, dealing respectively the valuation of WACC Methodology (Weighted Cost of Capital) and proposed tariff revision of the methodology of piped gas utilities in the state São Paulo, for the 4th. Tariff Review Cycle

Will be delivered to COMGÁS dealership, a full copy of the products obtained by the legal entity contracted by ARSESP under the Competition Notice ARSESP / 006/01/2013 concerning the average cost of setting Weighted Capital.

With such measures, the steps of the tariff review process for distributors of São Paulo Gas was divided into two phases: A) Definition of the Tariff Review Methodology, applicable to all distribution utilities; and B) Methodology Application for each dealership and their implementation dates will be suspended, as well as the provisional adjustment of 4.7212% applied to existing marketing margins COMGÁS for the period 31 May 2014 to 30 January 2015.

We look forward pronouncements by the ARSESP about the new process and new dates for the Tariff Review Steps.