Sale of Ceramic Coating grow 1.45% this year

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Total sales of ceramic tiles will grow 1.45% this year, according to projections from the National Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Coatings, Sanitary Ware and Congeners (Anfacer). In the first half, the volume sold by the sector increased by 1.5% over the same period of 2014, to 458 million square meters, which led to Anfacer doing small revision of the estimate of growth, which was 1.6% 2015. From January to June, domestic sales increased 1% to 420 million square meters, while exports grew 7%. The sales performance for construction was less than expected, while exports exceeded initial expectations due to the exchange rate, according to the CEO of Anfacer, Antonio Carlos Kieling. “Sales to the retail remained fairly stable. There was a decrease, but the stocks were sold out and were replaced, “he says. The projected rise in domestic sales this year compared to 2014 was revised from 1% to 0.8%, and the estimated exports rose from 9% to 12.3%. The total change in sales projected for the year would have fallen more if not for the increase in exports, according to Kieling. For production, the entity estimates the expansion of 5%. He said the industry will close the year with installed capacity of 1.105 billion square meters, producing 950 million square meters, domestic sales of 860 million square meters and exports of 77, 78 million square meters. The performance of the ceramic industry clashes with the consolidated results for the building materials industry.

Domestic sales again showed strong decline in August, down 10.9% over the same month of 2014, according to the Brazilian Association of the Construction Materials Industry (Abramat). Compared to July, however, there was increase of 4.1%. In the year to August, industry sales fell 10.1%. In a statement, the president of Abramat, Walter Cover, said demand for materials may have reached rock bottom. “The market remains depressed,” says the executive. The expectation is that the finishing materials sales continue to fall more than the basic items, due to the end of the real estate cycle started in 2012/2013. The Abramat projected decline of 7% in sales in 2015.

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