Coop ASPACER: Bylaws is approved by BC

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On the last day 09, it was approved by Brazil’s Central Bank, the Bylaws of the Cooperative, with corporate name: Cooperative Economy and Mutual Credit of officials of Ceramics Business – CoopASPACER and address of its headquarters in Santa Gertrudes. Through this action, there was also the inclusion of supporting companies in the expansion project of the Cooperative Action radius: Almeida Ceramics, Rock Group, Ceramics Carmelo Fior – Cecafi, Alfagres Ceramics, Ceramic Villagres, ASPACER and sincer. The Bylaws is the document that sets out the rules, regulations, corporate purpose and the form of the cooperative administration. The work of the Cooperative follows, with ASPACER meeting with employees of associated companies for disclosure and explanations as to its operation. Cooperative hours in ASPACER headquarters: Tuesday to Friday, from 08h to 12h.