4th Forum of Design: the surprising creations to foster competitiveness

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It began on Monday, 10, the fourth edition of the National Forum of Design for Ceramic Tiles, the headquarters of the Paulista Association of Coating Ceramics (ASPACER) and Union of Industries of Construction, Real Estate and Santa Gertrudes Ceramic (sincer ). With the proposal to bring topics of interest to the sector, the event brought speakers with different assignments, but with a common goal: to foster critical and attentive look to aesthetic issues and presentation of products.

One of the justifications for the consolidation of the event was highlighted by the UFSCar professor and member of the technical committee Anselmo Boschi, saying that concern for the Design began timidly, in Santa Gertrudes, but the last 10 years, significant appreciation. According Boschi, companies began to realize that this part of the process promotes greater competitiveness. However, “the challenge is to realize Design, which involves since the creation of the technical part,” as he says.

Among the highlights, the Forum highlights look beyond the market, so you can expand the field of vision for creation and innovation. Marco Seraphim of CCB, the meeting tends to show the diversity in design: “we live in a period of aesthetic revolution, which must be debated, because the design has a consequence in the whole process.” The president of ASPACER, Benjamin Ferreira Neto, commented on the opportunity to be the exchange of information, which tends to allow the sector to increase competitiveness. In his words, the president highlighted the visible segment of the market advance from the qualification and updating.


During the day, four guests led the discussion of issues related to the design, which is not restricted only to the development and creation stage, but unfolds also the exposure of the product. The architect and urban planner Alexander Brunato presented elements that can confer highlight the parts to be sold, for example, to observe the various stages of its making. “In addition, we must stop thinking only in the product as a part, but to present it to the client in setting,” he said when presenting exposed panels coatings pictures with decorative elements and landscaping.

Details which in many cases can be perceived with more accurate observation, but are within reach of the entrepreneur. The secret of success is to innovate, even with limited resources, as had the creative director Gustavo Greco, to work with “little is a lot.” To Greco, it is amazing to do something great with little, which suggests differential to such product. As the first miner to receive the international award in Cannes, and for two years running, Greco highlights have to create identities, giving exclusivity to products and hence to customers.

In this sense, the artist and designer, Celaine Refosco, who works in the textile industry, believes it is necessary to create from the industry reality, go beyond the office tables. Coupled to this recommendation is the use of the numerous possibilities with the same equipment and technique. “In an era where reigns the immediacy, one needs to appreciate the quality and, in my area, we use digital technology for us, since it enables numerous solutions, through color, for example,” Celaine highlighted claiming to be precise balance financial possibilities to design in creation.

Moreover, other areas should be considered, such as architecture, point much discussed in all approaches. The architect Renata La Rocca reflected on the transformation of the area from the Digital Age the rise, “films of the 60s portrayed the futuristic reality, seen in architectural environments and design objects, which shows traces to the present day.” Importantly, since Renata for the new always carries the past roots.

The 4th Forum of Design will continue on Tuesday, 11, and ends at the end of the talks. The complete article you can see in the next issue of the Journal Aspacer.

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