4th Forum of Design – Process optimization and look at future trends

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On Tuesday, 11, was marked with important approaches for the coatings industry in the Aspacer headquarters by the 4th National Forum of Design for Ceramic Tiles, held in ASPACER headquarters. In order to update and improve the knowledge of professionals, lectures commonly bring points for process optimization and allow better viewing of trends and points that can confer differential to the entrepreneur, the product, and also to the brand.

On the second day and closing activities, an auditorium with number than expected of participants, the opening was on account of interior and consultant designer in strategic design Fabio Galeazzo, who told her story is the importance of design as a strategic tool for development of products. “At first, as an interior designer, I realized I had to listen to the customer to thus understand the demand, this was the key point for me to open new horizons,” said Galeazzo saying that the emergence of such a tool is made from this critical and was unfolding.

Following one of the most talked lectures was conducted by Alexandre Keese, director of PhotoPro Group and Adobe Certified Expert, and is a leading expert in Adobe Photoshop Latin America. In this edition, the expert in Photoshop brought elements of the new version of the application, in order to facilitate the work of the designer. “For this update can standardize Photoshop and work the way they want, to say for example the shortcut keys that tend to increase productivity by up to 50%”, pointed Keese.

The exchange of information and presentation of news, as well as the aforementioned application, can wake up new perspectives in product creation. Thus, Blanca Liane, which operates in the field of fashion, focused on colors, presented to event participants colors and inspirations for 2016. With a vast material, Blanca associated colors to issues that go beyond aesthetics, “colors define the lifestyle and therefore should be thought of meticulous way, they may awaken different sensations, like the neutral colors that can bring peace, “he said about the shades that come back with force.

Bringing a European source research, in particular Italy, the graphic designer Sergio Fernandes focused his lecture on eye on future trends, from concepts, colors, materials and surfaces. With emphasis on home trends, Fernandes listed at first six styles that are high in European countries, and some can be perceived and used nationally. Moreover, scored on objects and conditions of facilities, such as use of rustic wood, to decorate environments, which can be market success secrets, is intended for various groups of consumers.

Forum closure, a final contribution of the lecture series was on account of Sofia Martellini, which acts as Client Services Executive, which addressed the macro trends for interiors, to the winter of 2017. Divided into four major groups, said Remaster, Elemental , Offbeat and Artisan trends exemplified concepts for walls and floors, objects, and textiles, as well as elements for environments. Sofia said about being very common to use up trends and past cultures to build new collections, without the need, however, copy models.

More information may be given in the next issue of the magazine ASPACER with the full report and pictures of the event.