ASPACER rewards the best designers in the industry

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Durante dois dias, a entidade realizou dois eventos voltados para o segmento de design. Destaque para a premiação de uma viagem a Milão para o grande vencedor do 3º Prêmio Nacional ASPACER de Design


Matheus Henrique Lahr – Cedasa Group, winner of the trip to Milan

In 2010, The ASPACER launched Aspacer Design Award in partnership with the Ceramic Center of Brazil. The purpose since its creation is to foster the design of ceramic tiles in the domestic industry, aimed at increasing product developers professionals, product innovation, encouraging industry and professionals on the importance of design for competitiveness.

Through confidence in the talent of professional creation and development of our industry, the organization bet on the 3rd National Award ASPACER design. The panels during the 10th and 11th of August, were exposed in ASPACER Gallery in the main hall of the entity. In all, 45 panels, companies from all over the country participated. “At each edition, jobs are evolving not only in number of participants, but especially in quality,” says Benjamin Ferreira, president of ASPACER and sincer. Sponsors of the event were the companies: Tosilab / System and Esmaltec.

Eleven experts and professionals working in the ceramic tile industry were invited to evaluate and judge panels. Mark Serafim, designer of the Ceramic Center of Brazil, was the president of the jury committee. Those responsible for the evaluation and judgment of the panels were: Anselmo Ortega Boschi – Teacher / Doctor of Federal University of São Carlos; Flavia Moura Meller Amanti – Trends Analyst at S & C – Home & Construction; Claudia Regina Ribeiro – Specialist Products of Tendtudo / Home Show; Bob Gallo – Architect and Interior Designer; Celaine Refosco – Plastic Artist and Designer; Fábio Galeazzo – Architect; Fabio Melchiades – Teacher / Doctor from the University of San Carlos; Alexandre Brunato – Architect; Joan Baracui – Publisher Journal of Architecture and Construction and Cristiane Teixeira – Specialized Journalist. The award was divided into two categories and subdivided into manufacturers category processes: dry, porcelain and inserts and special category and supplier parts.

Among the participants, who qualified in 1st place, they were awarded with a check for one thousand, seven hundred reais and a trophy. Second place in each category received a thousand, two hundred reais and honorable mention. The panel with the highest total score was awarded a trip to the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

During the award ceremony of the Prize, held on the 11th, Benjamin Ferreira, president of ASPACER and sincer, said he was surprised by the evolution in the quality of the work. “It’s motivating to know that the Brazilian ceramic industry has mobilized over the past few months, in order to create and produce panels mounted on ceramic, whose interest was to sign up and participate in this which is the largest design event for Ceramic continent coatings American, and undoubtedly one of the world’s largest for our segment. The ceramic industry coating, São Paulo and Brazil, are proud to count on so much talent, people who give life, image, colors and shapes floors, tiles, bands and made of ceramic tablets, scattered throughout the country and the world apart “.

Mark Serafim, said he was impressed with the quality of products and the evolution of aesthetics of the pieces presented. Also took the opportunity to clarify the methodology used to choose the jurors and how the assessment according to the specialty of each is made.

The big winner of the night, holder of the highest score (775.0), was Matthew Henry Lahr, the Cedasa Ceramics, awarded a trip to the Hall of the Milan Furniture.

Winners according to the categories were:


1st place – Ceramics Cedasa – Matthew Henry Lahr

2nd place – LEF Floors and Coatings – Luiza Maira Zaminato


1st place – Cecrisa – Portinari – Diogenes Fernandes Constantine

2nd place – Eliane Ceramic Tiles – Camila Gelesky Mosque

Tablets and Special Parts:

1st place – Ceramics Candles NGK Spark of Brazil – Rodnei Carrião Portella

2nd place – Cecrisa – Patricia Loch Zanivan


1st place – Glazed BS – Natalia Hubner Lima

2nd place – Smaltceram – Rodrigo Battistini

Participants of the 3rd National Award Aspacer design:

Category Supplier

Rodrigo Battistini – Smalticeram

Grazielle Frade Padua – Torrecid in Brazil

Karina de Fátima Gonçalves Joaquim – Colortech

Luciano Amancio Alves – Icon and Dies & Mold

Natalia Hubner Lima – Glazed BS

Such Sangoi Freitas – Ferro Enamel in Brazil

Luis Carlos Moreira – Endeka Ceramics

William Jannone – Colorminas

Tablets Category and Special Parts

Camila Lamberti – Ceramics Incefra

Eduardo Alves da Silva – Ceramic Atlas

Ewerton Migliorini – Real Glass Coatings

Patricia Loch Zanivan – Cecrisa

Vanessa Lilia Justen – Santa Factory Floor Tiles

Luiza Maira Zaminato – Lef Floors and Coatings

Gabriele Berleze – Portobello Shop

Selma Ferrante – Gail Ceramics

Rodnei Carrião Portella NGK Ceramics in Brazil

Luciana Langone Altero – Ceramics Jatoba

Category Porcelain

Bruna Helena Domingues – Ceramics Villagres

Camila Lamberti – Tecnogrés Ceramic Coatings

Daniel Henrique Tonin – Ceramics Cristofoletti

Diogenes Fernandes Constantine – Cecrisa

Reinaldo de Jesus Rodrigues – Embramaco Group

Luiza Maira Zaminato – Lef Floors and Coatings

Priscila Braga Lucio – Ceramics Elizabeth

Luis André da Silva – Ceramics Portobello

Ferracini Roberto Vieira – Ceramics Porto Ferreira

John Anderson Camargo – TH Buschinelli and Co.

Clovis Ferreira Ferrari – Ceramic Delta

Camila Gelesky Mosque – Eliane Ceramics

Category Route Seca

Camila Lamberti – representing Incefra Incenor Pottery and Ceramic Industry Northeastern

Daniel Henrique Tonin – Ceramics Cristofoletti

Ribeiro Flavia Wolf – Rock Group

Francisco Everton dos Santos – Unigrês Ceramics

Jessica Oliveira – Ceramics Almeida

Matthew Henry Lahr – Cedasa Group

Reinaldo de Jesus Rodrigues – Embramaco Group

Renata Rigato bodyfiller – Ceramics Formigrês

Rosiane Gonçalves – representing Carmelo Fior Ceramics and Ceramic Floor Forte

Tatiana Cristina Marques – Ceramics Incopisos

Luiza Maira Zaminato – Lef Floors and Coatings

Rafael dos Santos Oliveira – Ceramics Ceral

Gladimir de Oliveira Flowers – Pointer Companhia Brasileira de Ceramics