Tariff flags will be improved and gain publicity campaign

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The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) proposed last Friday, 06 new values for the extra fee tariff flags collected on utility bill when the cost of energy production in the country increases, for any reason.

The values presented, which are subject to public consultation, to R $ 2.5 to 100 kWh consumed in yellow flag and R $ 5.5 per 100 kWh consumed red flag. The green flag indicates a favorable condition generation and therefore there will be no increase.

According to the director general of Aneel, Romeo Rufino, banners itself does not represent a new cost in the electricity bill. They just make it evident to the consumer the variable part of the electricity costs. “Because the system is dynamic, banners instantly reflect the variation of these values in green, yellow and red, to facilitate understanding of consumers,” he explains.

The system of tariff flags in force since January this year. The green, yellow and red colors indicate if the energy cost more or less depending on the power generation conditions of the National Interconnected System (SIN). Thus, the consumer can identify which month of the flag and respond to this signal with the conscious use of electricity without waste. Tariff flags do not apply to the states of Amazonas, Amapá and Roraima, as they are not yet fully connected to the SIN.

For the director of Aneel James Barros, costs represented by the brands already exist and its elevation is the result of drought which the country is experiencing. With information about how much the energy bill is due to the generation cost, which increased because of the drought, the consumer can control your spending more effectively. “A conscious consumer response to this more realistic price signal can reduce the pressure of demand on the sector and lead to the removal of red flags,” said Barros.

Fonte: Aneel