Government is considering extending daylight saving time to save energy

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Eduardo Braga – Mines and Energy Minister

The government is considering expanding in a month daylight saving time, which has been underway since the 19th of October with completion forecast on February 22, to save power. According to information from the National Journal, the possibility is analyzed given the current scenario of electric sector crisis and the rain rates lower than expected in recent months.

Daylight saving time is underway in eleven states in the South and Southeast, and the Federal District. The government hopes to reduce by 4.5% energy consumption at peak times.

“We will evaluate on February 12 so we can have a predictability regarding the hydrological rhythm of the month the end of February and beginning of March. And then yes we will take a decision with regard to summer time,” said Mines and Energy Minister, Eduardo Braga.

In an interview with National Journal, Braga also said that, to address the problem of lack of rain, will also feature the energy generated by thermal Uruguaiana, in Rio Grande do Sul, which has an installed capacity of 640 megawatts.

In 2013, the government said only resort to power Uruguaiana in case of extreme necessity. For thermoelectric come on stream, Argentina has to authorize the use of the pipeline. The company responsible for Uruguaina said he expected this month the gas supply to the plant back up and running.

The minister also confirmed that as of March 1, the distributors will launch an awareness campaign for energy saving.

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