Brazil ends year with a trade deficit for the first time since 2000

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Brazil finished 2014 with a trade deficit of $ 3.93 billion. This is the first time since 2000, when the country ends the year with the result of imports exceeding exports.

In the year, exports totaled US $ 225.1 billion, while imports reached US $ 229 billion.

The figures were released on Monday (5) by the MDIC (Ministry of Development) and are the worst since 1998, when the deficit for the year was US $ 6.6 billion.

The government had been putting off the most admit the possibility of deficit in the trade balance.

Until early November of last year, even with accumulation of negative billionaires in the accounts, the government still insisted on the possibility to end 2014 with a positive balance.

Only to consolidate the results of November, when $ 2.4 billion deficit was recorded, the government was forced to revise their expectations -the result was the worst for the months of November of the last twenty years, according indicates the series historic released by the ministry.


Among the reasons cited by the ministry to the poor performance of the trade balance is the decline in sales of Brazilian manufactured (-13.7% compared to 2013), semi (also 4.8% compared to 2013) and basic products (- 3.1% on the results of 2013).

In manufactured list are considered, for example, automobiles, oil platforms, refined sugar, auto parts, engines for vehicles, aircraft. All of these products closed the year with negative rates in exports.

For semi considered, for example, export of aluminum, crude soybean oil, copper, gold and iron, also with an inferior result to that observed in 2013.

Similarly, in commodities enter products such as corn grain, tobacco leaves and chicken, all with a reduction in exports.


Have business transactions in December were positive trade balance. In the month was recorded a $ 293 million surplus.

During the period, exports totaled US $ 17.49 billion -retração of 19.9% compared to the result of 2013.

Imports totaled US $ 17.19 billion, down 9.8% also compared to the same period of 2013.

Fonte: Jornal Folha de S.Paulo