Government reduces tax benefit on the payroll

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After determining spending limits for each ministry with funding and investment by April, the government published today Dilma Rousseff, 27, provisional measure reducing the tax benefit of payroll tax relief.

With the interim measure this Friday, the sectors that paid 2% will pay 4.5% of revenue. Those who paid 1%, will pay 2.5%. The move comes despite the increase of 4.8% unemployment rate to 5.3% in January 2015 compared with 2014.

The reduction of the benefit, which cost the public purse £ 21.6 billion last year, is part of the current political economic team to further tighten control expenses in this difficult year for the economy.

Data released on Wednesday, 25, show that impaired by the fall of movement in industry and commerce, the collection of federal taxes fell for the fourth consecutive month, threatening the targets for the recovery of public accounts this year.

They point out that the revenue from taxes and contributions totaled R $ 125.3 billion in January, a fall of 5.4% over the corresponding period of 2014, adjusted for inflation.

The exemption policy payroll was initiated in 2011 and extended to 56 sectors in 2014 definitively, in order to help the cash flow of the companies and try to keep jobs.

The sectors served by relief stopped paying 20% ​​of social security contributions on the payroll and began to bear a rate of 1% or 2% of the annual gross revenues, less export revenue.

The tax increase takes effect from 1 June.

Fonte: Folha de S.Paulo