Aldemir Bendine, the Bank of Brazil, is the new president of Petrobras

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Aldemir Bendine is the new president of Petrobras. His name was chosen personally by President Dilma Rousseff, who after the collective resignation of the state board had only two days to make the choice. He is the current President of the Bank of Brazil and connected to the PT.

The name of Bendine not entered the speculations of these last days to replace Grace Foster. It was a kind of “secret name” of President Dilma. Speculation get along around the names of Henry Meireles, Luciano Coutinho, Murilo Ferreira and even a name in the market, Paulo Leme. Prevailed the staff of the president choice. The initial plan was to transfer of President Dilma Bendine for BNDES. The choice shows that Dilma dealt almost exclusively names from within the government.

The new president of Petrobras will have the challenge to quickly assemble the Petrobras board. He will take the current chief financial officer of the Bank of Brazil, Ivan Monteiro, for the CFO of Petrobras. The technical directors, as Engineering, Services and supply should be occupied, temporarily, by career officials.

President Dilma Rousseff seeks an impact name for the presidency of the Board of Directors of Petrobras.

Fonte: G1