Bob Gallo will be in ASPACER headquarters to judge the 3rd National Award ASPACER Design

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Degree in Architecture and Urbanism at PUC Campinas in 1987, Bob Gallo attended the Design Award Movelsul in 1988.

Polatrini worked in the architecture office and Urbania, Italy, from 1988 to 1989. He participated in several decorating shows, as CasaCor Piracicaba, CasaCor Campinas, American Interior Decor, Interior Decor Rio Claro, shows Decoration of San Carlos, Campinas Decor and Gallo Decor.

Furniture business owner and decoration Gallo decorations in Rio Claro and importer of decorative objects and chandeliers Noon Design based in Curitiba, besides Architectural firm in Rio Claro.

The ASPACER, headquartered in Santa Gertrudes, in partnership with the Ceramic Center of Brazil, held the 3rd National Award ASPACER design and includes the participation of nationwide companies. Since its creation, the main objective of the prize is to discover and encourage new talents in the area of ​​creation of the ceramic industries and encourage product innovation, valuing the work of these professionals. This year, 47 companies have signed up. An increase of 62% compared to 2014, which had 29 entries.