Renata La Rocca will be in ASPACER headquarters

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Renata La Rocca will participate on 10 August, the 4th National Forum Desing for Ceramic Tiles at the headquarters of ASPACER and will speak on the subject: “Aesthetics of Architecture and Design in the Digital Age and now?

Architect, founding partner of Studio Protobox. PhD in Visual Arts at ECA / USP, Master in Architecture by the IAU / USP, their research deal with Architecture, Design and Digital Art Interactive, investigating the relationship between space and memory, history of media and design contemporary processes. He participated in some exhibitions such as Homo Faber, related to Digital Manufacturing, and various artistic projects in Digital Poetry Group, participating in various shows like #Art and Systems Echoes. Since 2005 he teaches in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Product Design, directing several works related to Information and Communication Technologies and the analog and digital languages. Since 2008, acts as coordinator of the Graduate Program in Interior Design of Faal, who conceived course from a transdisciplinary perspective.