Pantone specialist in the 4th National Forum of Design for Ceramic Tiles

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Since 1985, Blanca Liane professionally engaged in fashion, with special focus on colors, being the person who introduced in Brazil in 1987 so the colors of the recently edited PANTONE – TEXTILE System. Lexus founder of Groupe, group of companies with its defined and interrelated skills, is dedicated to the development, exploration and application of color trends, fashion and global behavior. They are part of Lexus Groupe Carlin International, PANTONE® – the standard color systems, the LEXUS Studio + Books, apart from D + Fashion Design Lab, two international companies and two national – in all four companies. It has worked since 1994 as a national distributor of PANTONE color systems. From 2004 he began to represent books and international consulting services Carlin. Set up the D + Design in 2008 to bring projects to reality, and develop colors, variants, drawings, lectures, studies and training, with a team of professionals and various skills.

Blanca will be in the ASPACER headquarters on 11 August to discuss the theme: “Pantone View Interior 2016 – colors and inspirations to 2016″.