ANEEL opens Public Hearing to encourage the very power generation

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The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) opened on Sept. 18, the Public Hearing 12/2015 to gather information and additional information for the improvement of regulation for hiring its own generation of consumer unit, as provided in Ordinance MME # 44 / 2015. The contribution period runs until March 27. The goal is to encourage, through a public call, the generation by captive and free consumers outside the peak hours. According to the Agency’s proposal, the adhesion contracts are of three types, according to the injected or not the energy distribution network: own generation of captive consumers without injection into the distribution network; own generation free consumer without injection to the utility network and own generation of free / captive consumer with injection to the utility network.
The Agency proposal is payment of R $ 1,420.34 per MWh for establishments that use diesel generators and R $ 792.49 per MWh for those who use gas generators. Prices were obtained from the cost of fuel and maintenance and operation for each source, plus a fixed income, with the final value for the limited cost of diesel by 1 deficit level. For the other sources such as wind and biomass, the proposed price is R $ 388.48 per MWh, ie the roof of the PLD.

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