We will have firm agenda in Congress preventing tax increases, says Skaf

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President of Fiesp reasoned that also requires a constructive and creative agenda for the economic crisis the country

The Federation of São Paulo State Industries (FIESP) is working with a creative schedule with the ministries of the Federal Government to address the economic crisis. But also part of the entity’s positions, a firm stance against raising taxes, said on Monday (9.3), the president of Paulo Skaf institution.

“We have very strong positions against what, in our view, does not go against the interests of the country. As for raising taxes, for example, will be strictly contrary, “said Skaf after attending the opening of the 11th Construbusiness – Brazilian Construction Congress in 2015.

The search federation when creating an agenda with ministries. And according Skaf, should receive a total of 20 ministers for the next 30 days. “We have a positive agenda for the country did not stop.”

Skaf reiterated that it will not be increased tax revenues that will solve the government’s problem with public accounts. The Brazil raised $ 1.8 trillion in taxes last year, according to the president of Fiesp.

“If with £ 1.8 trillion tax does not solve, will not be with R $ 1.83 or R $ 1.85 trillion that we solve. What we need is to really lose weight wastage and expenditure of all governments. In fact, this is what we will defend. “