PCJ Ares determines increase of 13.95% in water and sewage Rio Claro

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O reajuste determinado para o município de Rio Claro será de 13,95%

The particular adjustment for the city of Rio Claro will be 13.95%

The Regulatory Agency for Sanitation Services (Ares-PCJ) determines the Department Autonomous Water and Sewage (Daae) of Rio Claro adjust the water and sewage in the city.

The adjustment determined by the agency is 13.95%, and will be paid in slips issued from April, it will be applied to consumption recorded from March. The resolution to the determination of the new values will be published by the Regulatory Agency until tomorrow, Friday (13), edition of the Official Gazette of the Municipality, and will also be available in the Daae sites by address www.daaerioclaro.sp.gov.br and the regulatory agency www.arespcj.com.br

The technical study, evaluated by the Regulatory Agency is based on the costs and expenses of the municipality, as the impact of electricity, with the adoption of tariff flags; the price of raw materials and chemicals used in water treatment and for inflation; fuel prices and administrative reform.

The index was approved during a public hearing by the Board of Regulation and Social Control of the city of Rio Claro Sanitation Services, held on Wednesday (11), in the House of Councils. For residential rate, the value providing up to 10 cubic meters of water passes to R R $ 27.28 $ 31.08.

The Daae has made investments that ensure the supply of quality water to the population. With investments in infrastructure and sanitation, the city did not face problems with the water crisis, getting free of rationing and rotation in water supply, difficulties experienced by many municipalities, including the region. In recent years were replaced more than 120,000 meters of distribution networks, built seven elevated tanks, deployed more than 24 miles of water mains, made the expansion of the Water Treatment Plant (WTP 2) and built the dam in Corumbataí. Some of these works are in the final stage of implementation.