Building material sales react in the Northeast and Midwest in July

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No levantamento nacional, desempenho foi estável no mês. No acumulado do ano e dos últimos 12 meses, setor apresenta estabilidade, sem registrar crescimento

Building material sales grew 7% and 8%, respectively, in the Northeast and Midwest and 2% in the Southeast in July. But the North and the South fell by 9% and 7%. The average stores had a slight increase of 2% in the month, while large retreated 2%. The average activity registered stability in the period.

The data is the monthly study by the Research Institute of Anamaco with the support of Abrafati, Chrysotile Institute Brazil, Anfacer and Siamfesp. The poll of 530 tenants of the five regions of the country from 28 to 31 July and the margin of error is 4.3%.

In the national survey, industry sales were stable performance in July, compared to June. “In the year and the last 12 months, the sector is stable without registering growth. We also need to point out that the month of July last year was a month of more significant sales, because it came the realization of the World Cup in the country, period in which the stores ended up closing for more days than normal because of the games. As the consumer was not buying during games, he eventually postponed purchases for the next month. By the same token, the comparison of July performance 2015 to 2014 can not be made without analyzing these factors, “explains the president of Anamaco, Claudio Conz.

Among the categories surveyed, the highlights were for ceramic coatings and inks, which grew 3% each. Metal fittings maintained the same level of sales in June and the segments of cements and cement tiles recorded a decrease of 6% and 4%. “According to retailers that grew in the month of sales, floors was one of the segments that further boosted the results of July. They also said they did promotions and sought to reduce prices to ensure positive results. Thanks to the work of tenants, inflation that both scares consumers is not yet being reflected in the prices of materials because the establishments are slowing the most of the pass-through of increases to consumers because of their stocks and understand the importance of fit the prices to customers budgets, “added Conz.

The president of Anamaco, who is also a member of the Trustee Council of the FGTS and of the Council for Economic and Social Development of the Presidency, cautions, however, that the scenario will become a little more complicated for the retail growth in the second half :

“With the price increase, in the first quarter and cost review of many sectors, it will be inevitable that the stores begin to pass on this cost to consumers, which can reach 6.5% over the past year. So the ideal time to buy building material is now. Our growth in the year will depend on our performance in the last quarter, but for now we still expecting to grow 3% in 2015, “he says.

About 46% of retailers surveyed believe they should have increased sales in August. The study also indicated that the industry’s optimism about the actions of the Federal Government increased slightly (from 17% to 20%). Already claim to new investments increased by 27% in the month, especially in the Midwest, where 44% of respondents said they plan to invest in the next 12 months.

In 2014, the building material retail registered a record turnover of US $ 60 billion.

Fonte: Assessoria de Imprensa - Anamaco

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