Practical questions and fashion enclose Congress in Auditorium 1

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After the coffee break, the event received Ismael Sergio Cabral, the TORRECID of Brazil, in a lecture on “Quality and Defects in print by inkjet.” As the quality of the process is already known in the sector, arising from the possibility of relief decoration and impressions at the edges, better definition, high image resolution, cost of storage and purchase reduced paints, enamels standardization, varied design and flexibility in development of product; Cabral focused on the main shortcomings and possible solutions.

Among these problems, the most recurrent in the industry are: wave effect, Channel Gun obstruction and Banding / Strip. The wave effect is mainly caused by the use of high-intensity ink droplet size small, high line speed, print height and a high contrast between the ink and the enamel (black ink on white enamel, for example) and possible solutions would increase the droplet size, decrease the print time and the speed of the belt / belt.

Already obstruction Channel Injector is caused by steam in short, for lack of maintenance and proper care of the equipment, low quality paint or used outside the manufacturer’s recommendations and also deterioration of the print head. To solve these problems Cabral indicates proper cleaning and often reduce the amount of steam during printing with the part working temperature recommended by the manufacturer, completing with the removal and cleaning head according maintenance procedures recommended by the manufacturer. It is also very important to know if it’s even the case of obstruction, because other problems may be noticeably similar to this.
Finally, the Banding / Track is caused mainly by the volume difference of descaarregada ink and the solution is to adjust the voltage of print to find a balance.
And to close the day and the lectures Congress in Auditorium 1, Jessica Oliveira took the stage to share their impressions and experiences on Milan Trends. Jessica, designer and product development coordinator of Ceramics Almeida, presented his Origin Panel, which won 1st place in the category Via drought in ASPACER National Award of Design, and Best in Show Award, facade category in Revistir 2015. Reaching this merit, Jessica won the opportunity to participate in the International Hall of the Milan Furniture, which was in the days 14th to 19th April this year.
With the opportunity to see what’s new, Jessica succeed in transforming their perceptions of possible trends that will dictate the fashion of upcoming collections coatings. According to her, the main convergences are new nuances, new editions, de-saturated colors, pastels, very gray, neutral colors and marsala, chosen by Pantone color of the year, in detail. Regarding the forms, the speaker highlights the pure geometrism concept already used in the award winning panel, minimalism and right angles, and the organic forms, such as Rococo, for example, are not in evidence. For her, the ceramics industry product design should focus less on inventions and reinventions more.

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