Machinery and equipment presentations call public attention of Congress

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After the coffee break on the second day of talks of the 6th Congress of the Ceramic Coating Industry circuit, it was time for some major suppliers of ceramic sector present their solutions for the segment. Starting with the lecture Valmir Roberto Aparecido, technical and commercial WEG motors, a company with 28 years of market and 100% national. Under the theme “Energy savings in electric motors,” Roberto introduced a new system for cost reduction, proving with numerical data that replacing an old engine with a new engine, instead of rewind it generates an economy that long term pay the new product. In addition, he stressed that save energy, which moves the sector is much more important than the question of expense or increase the price of kWh, and is based on the fact that it goes missing. Assuming that currently everyone complains of increased energy prices, he explained that the high rates-also lend themselves to reduce dependence that the system has the water matrix, which is very cheap by increasing the price thereof and enabling the development of other sources at competitive prices.

Taking hook this lecture, Auditorium 1 received Carlos Alberto dos Santos and Thales Viana de Almeida Ferreira, both application engineers STEMAC power generation, which showed the company which is the 5th in the world in sales generators. Speaking about the technical and economic viability of the generator they highlighted the Ponta hours where energy expenditure, although it remains the same productivity, cost more to industry, from 17h30 to 20h30. Using a generator set this time range, for example, surface load risk in the system, brings economic benefit since the company does not need to stop producing due to power outages, increases reliability and provides energy independence.

Continuing the lectures on equipment, Flávio Cavaletti Son, director of Cavaletti, presented its compressed air treatment model and its use and correct applications, with a product line that generates compressed air quality, dry and free of impurities, no water , oil or solid particles. Among these solutions is the condensate separator; Automatic condensate drain with intelligent drainage eliminating the particles without losing compressed air; Air filtration, whose brand remove dust particles in an easy installation system, low maintenance and informs the moment when the filter should be changed in the air generating higher quality final tablet; Dryer air cooling and water and oil separator. The use of this machinery prevents the rest of the equipment being damaged, keep the seals in order and add credibility to the process.

The last lecture of the day came directly from Atlas Copco, with 140 years in the market and 60 years in Brazil, represented by Fernando Gonçalves. He said the company’s focus is on sustainability and therefore provides the market with their latest release: a compressor that brings economy, noise reduction and occupies a small space. In an attempt to reduce costs without losing productivity, Atlas Copco brings to market the screw compressor with frequency Invensor that can even recover the heat that is extracted from the air compression process for other functions within the plant, such as , heat the shower the changing rooms.