Anamaco points decline in sales of ceramic tiles

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The retail sales of building materials remained stable in the first five months of the year compared to the same period last year. Since the month of May fell by 2% on April and 7% over May 2014. The decline in the month, however, occurred in only three regions: Northeast (-3%), South (-5%) and Southeast (-3%). In the North and Midwest grew by 11% and 4% respectively. Among the categories surveyed by the study, coatings dropped by 3%. The data is the monthly study by the Research Institute of the University Anamaco with the support of Abrafati, Brazil Chrysotile Institute, Anfacer, Afeal and Siamfesp. The poll of 530 tenants of the five regions of the country from 27 to 29 May and the margin of error is 4.3%.

Among the establishments surveyed, large stores and home centers were positive in the month, with a 5% sales increase compared to April. However, average stores fell by 5% and the small shops had stable sales performance in the month.

The difference in behavior can be explained by the size of the stocks of these establishments. The big stores buy in larger quantities and can make a greater number of promotions to attract consumers. Usually they also work on alternative schedules, not only during business hours, with an option to buy the consumer after leaving work.

Among the categories surveyed by the study, cement showed a positive performance of 4% in the month and bathroom metals kept the same level as in April. In addition to the ceramic sector, other sectors had a slight decrease in the period: paints (-3%), locks and fittings and fiber cement tiles (-2%) and sanitary ware (-1%).

About 45% of respondents believe they can recover some sales already in June. Another 40% expect that in June, sales remain at the same level as in May. Approximately 34% of respondents said they plan to make new investments in the next 12 months and 15% intend to hire new employees.

With the results of the first five months of the year, the Anamaco is reviewing the expected growth in 2015 of 6% to 3% over last year, when the industry hit historical billing record R $ 60 billion. Our expectation is that the market remains at this level in June by starting a recovery starting in July. We are optimistic that the uncertainties this year will dissipate with the news of a positive agenda. The substantial increase, which was not foreseen, the FGTS budget pro-shareholder for $ 5 billion this year, as well as the release of the compulsory savings to finance real estate, will greatly contribute to the resumption of the confidence of our consumers .

As Board of Trustees member of the FGTS and of the Council for Economic and Social Development of the Presidency of the Republic and President of Anamaco, Claudio Conz, remember that the federal government should launch later this month, the third phase of the program “Minha Casa Minha Vida” with positive impacts for the sector. This third phase will bring an update of the income of people, allowing the creation of new funding ranges and increasing the possibilities for access to the program, which largely relies on subsidies.

Another issue that is influencing sales positively in the sector is the rational use of water. The steady decline in the volume of the reservoirs and the imminent risk of rationing is leading people to seek alternative forms of storage. Many of them are carrying out minor works at home for rainwater catchment. Others are seeking saving products, such as toilets, account for 35% of water use in a residence. Many people do not know that bowls manufactured before 2002 use five times more water per flush than today and that simply changing the toilet and can help a lot in saving water across the country.

Energy efficiency has also led many consumers to industry shops. People are frightened by the rise in energy bills and want alternatives to economizar.Nota up a greater number of customers looking for products such as solar heater which, coupled to the new and modern hybrids showers that work together with the electricity guarantee a saving of water and the bath at the desired temperature by the consumer. Now you can say that these two products will be the stars of sales this year.

The Anamaco is the National Association of Construction Material Traders

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