3rd Children’s Drawing Contest ASPACER / sincer: Registration will continue until October 31

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ASPACER and A sincer, with the support of its affiliates and partners, promote the “3rd Children’s Drawing Contest” to be Christmas Card and New Year these entities in 2015 with the theme “Christmas and the Environment” . Submissions shall automatically take effect with the delivery of drawings, between 1 and 31 October 2015 the Personnel Department or Human Resources Department of the associated company. Can sign up children and / or stepchildren of employees of companies associated with ASPACER and sincer and have the date of delivery of the drawings. The conditions laid down in the Regulation will be chosen by a Judging Committee, the five best drawings in each age group classified.

The competition aims to promote, engage, develop and insert the sons and daughters of employees of companies associated with Aspacer and Sincer in their parents’ workplace. May register for the “little” that have from 06 to 11 years old. It is forbidden to participate in the Contest relatives and sons and daughters of employees or the like from the Organisers or members of the Jury.

The works (drawings) must have the author’s name and age and should be delivered to the company’s personnel department associate, who will be responsible for completing the “Registration Form”.

The design of the delivery implies the effectiveness of the registration, in which the author and those responsible are automatically agree with the rules and Regulations of the Contest, including authorizing and transferring the ASPACER and sincer, the design of the right to use at no cost, its publication and dissemination by any means.

Each contestant may submit only one design, developed in any of the modes (watercolor, gouache, pencils, pens, crayons, etc.) and using all the techniques (collages, textiles, and various materials, among others), and must be submitted in appropriate role of any sort, in A4 format (295 x 210 mm) or A3 (295 x 420 mm). The design must be original, ie an original work that has not been copied, edited, published or disclosed by any means of communication before.

Member companies will have until November 05 without fail to complete assignments and their “Entry Forms” at the headquarters of Aspacer and Sincer. The design must be submitted to the Organizing without folds and properly packaged for their protection.

The Aspacer meet the Judging Committee until November 11 to select and rank the winners. The announcement of the results will be held at an event at the headquarters of ASPACER and sincer on 12 November. The Jury will select and rank in individual secret ballot and the five best entries according to the following age groups: 06-07 years; 08-09 years and 10-11 years.

For each age group the two top finishers will be rewarded, the other three will receive Diploma “Honorable Mention”;

The authors awarded in each age group will receive:

1st place: Tablet SAMSUNG and dissemination work on Christmas cards and New Year’s ASPACER / sincer.

2nd place: Tablet SAMSUNG

3rd Educational Toy

4th educational toy

5 educational toy

All participants will receive a “Certificate of Participation” and a toast of ASPACER / sincer.

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