Brazilian ceramics industry presents trends at Coverings 2015

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The Coverings, the main fair in the North American market business for ceramic industries and ornamental stones, with the participation of 12 companies associated with ASPACER. The event took place 14-17 April in Orlando and presented exhibitors from 40 countries, becoming the stage for the biggest news in the segment.

The Brazilian ceramic sector with the participation of the following companies associated with ASPACER: Alfagres, Buschinelli, Carmelo Fior, Cristofoletti, Formigres, Gail, Incefra, Lanzi, LEF, Porto Ferreira, Savane and Real glass, which showed the major releases of the industry.

“The Coverings is confirmed as a trade show and an opportunity to expand its presence in the Brazilian ceramic in the US market, which resumes its growth process. With volume larger audience that in 2014, the event allows exhibitors and visitors confirm the behavior and trends of the world market in the sector, “said Benjamin Ferreira Neto – president of ASPACER and sincer.


Check out the associated launches presented at the fair:

Alfagres – Arbe Ceramic

The Alfragrês – Arbe Ceramic has a long history dedicated to producing ceramic floors with quality and innovation. Following the trends of the markets it operates, the company presented at Coverings 2015 between several releases, a line that favors the size 12×24, with a satiny texture. The goal is to provide elegance and welcoming atmosphere to the environment.

TH Buschinelli & Co.

Combining design and innovation with high standard of quality and beauty of its products is the concept of Buschinelli, which brought 2015 glazed porcelain in the size 45x90cm. Collections are: Aroeira Beige and Brown; Acacia Ivory, Beige and Natural; Loft Grey and Beige; Roman and Petra. The Porcelain Buschinelli has the manufacturing process based on sustainability, using half as much natural resources, low use of water and energy, eliminating waste.


Carmelo Fior

Pottery Carmelo Fior was present with a new product line in size 62x62cm, included in their Cecafi brands, Fioranno, Idealle and Pisoforte. Products that stand out for their unparalleled quality and singular beauty, wide variety of designs, colors and textures (cement, wood, marbled, stone and solid colors). They are equipped with technology of flat edges, which allow installation with minimum joint of 5 mm, providing better finish in your environment. In addition, products with rustic features (travertine and cross cuts) with a satin touch and digital printing in high definition are the trends of releases in size 53×53 HD.


The launches of Cristofoletti gained prominence in size 56×56 and the brand also presented the line HD and Highlight porcelain with satin and shiny products. The highlight was also the HD56301 product. The Cristofoletti brand operates in the Brazilian market with pioneering producing floors and red mass of ceramic tiles. The company constantly invests in high-tech, equipment and latest machines, continuous training and qualification of personnel ensuring the quality, service and innovation.


Gail presented several lines, including the Cotto Collection, with raised relief and texture renewing the charm of rusticity in the company’s portfolio, expanding the specifications for commercial and residential environments. Available in colors Cotto and Cotto Giallo Rosso and 6 formats (24x24cm, 24x11cm, 30x11cm, 11x11cm, 24x5cm and 30×7,5cm). The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor floors, including pool decks, and for decorative facades and walls and can be used even with lute (no grout). Also presented products and consecrated Industrial Collection and Natural Architecture and the new 30x11cm format Line Wood, the HexaFloor Line Art Decor Line, the new line Etna, among others.


The Incefra developed a collection exclusively directed at the 50x50cm format, suitable for different situations, according to creativity applied in the project. “There is much more freedom to specify the product,” says the designer Camila Lamberti, product manager Incefra. Each model offers several different faces, just to allow the naturalness of the aesthetic effect. With this feature, the finish get a more natural look, so similar to the materials available in nature. The Incefra Group complements Incefra Line HD 50×50 including new products inspired by nature with maximum fidelity textures and colors. The High Definition technology puts the ceramic industry as one of the strongest allies of Environmental Conservation and projects that relate to sustainability.


The Lanzi, considering a new proposal for walls, presented the Necto line. Latin, weaving, the collection creates an elegant motion with 3D effect and has geometric shapes with different depths, combined with the use of directional lighting, creating a delicate play of light and shadow. The company also leads the Line Unique, inspired by a typical decoration object: the blind. With pure shapes and volumes, the collection has sober and minimalist elegance. Finally, Legno Reale collection that reproduces the texture, color, knots and grain of the wood in its most natural form.


The Lef group was present at Coverings with the launches of brands Lef Ceramics and ViaÁpia. The big news of the group was the release of size 57cm X 57cm, a major trend in the industry, allowing smaller area of ​​grout and offers a range of print space. Another highlight is the Full HD Digital printing, which enables reproduction of drawings in the parts and recreate perfectly the details of raw materials such as stone, marble and wood. Highlights of ViaÁpia brand are: Portuguese cement, Malva, Mosaic Travertine Anticato, Calacata Bianco, Miracema, Royal Travertine and Essence. Already the Lef are: Cotto Decor, Ivory Amazonas, Amazonas Honey, White Antares, Antares Green, Taco Damascus, Rosewood Real, travertine Classic, Santa Cecilia, Elegance and Malibu.

Porto Ferreira

Porto Ferreira presented the Porcelain Terracotta, which has smooth texture, based on the reddish hue tiles widely used in contemporary Italian architecture. Also it took the Porcelain Portostone, which is inspired by the Limestone of Italian origin, used as a coating in architecture and inspired by traditional tiles, which recalls the history of the warmth used in past decades in the decorations of houses and farms. The company presented yet, the Renaissance Collection, with demolition wood design and focusing on sustainability, Eco Naturale collection, in addition to the tablet collection.

Real glass

The collection of Ecoiris tablets was the highlight of the Royal Glass. The product is made in Brazil with a minimum of 97% recycled glass. Besides the absence of water absorption, characteristic of glass, the Ecoiris tablets do not suffer from moisture expansion, making it ideal for facades, and have the property to reflect heat (high emissivity 0.85) without reflecting the color (low reflectance 36%). With very high performance characteristics, it is able to purify the air, be Antiodor, antibacterial and self-cleaning still, the tablets also have the addition of titanium dioxide, which gives the product unparalleled features.

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