“Interestingly the ceramic industry in 2014 was one of the few to grow …”

Posted in Expo Revestir

During the 13th edition of Expo Revestir, Walter Cover- president of ABRAMAT (Brazilian Association of Building Materials Industry), spoke about the expectations for the building materials industry, especially the ceramic tile:

“Interestingly the ceramic industry in 2014, when virtually all other sectors were not very good, stood out and was one of the few to grow. And this year began the same way. One reason for this is that the “ceramic world” is stunning, a design world of beauty. This leads people to want to make changes in their homes, put a more beautiful product, more functional. So I guess ceramics, once again, will be a sector that does not say it will go unscathed by the crisis, because all sectors are suffering, but certainly for these merits, will be one of the sectors that will suffer less. “