In Brasilia ASPACER meets with Minister of Mines and Energy

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Ministro propõe para maio encontro com o Fórum das Associações Empresariais Pró-Mercado de Gás Natural

Luís Fernando Quilici, Eduardo Braga, Benjamin Ferreira Neto e Carlos Nogueira

Luís Fernando Quilici, Eduardo Braga, Benjamin Ferreira Neto e Carlos Nogueira

To continue the dialogue with the various sectors covered by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Minister Eduardo Braga received on 25 February, representatives of organizations of the mineral sector. The meeting was accompanied by Secretary of Geology and Mining, Carlos Nogueira. For Braga, the relevance of the sector in the country goes beyond the economy and their representatives should have an open channel with the federal government.

“We want to give not only the importance, but also the political and economic recognition that the industry has. It is a sector that has many aspirations for the new regulatory framework that is in Congress, “said Braga to meeting participants.

The ASPACER attended the event in Brasilia and was represented by President Benjamin Ferreira Neto and the director of institutional and government relations, Luis Fernando Quilici, who in his presentation, the Minister spoke about the need for descontigenciamento resources to the DNPM, the need the implementation of the Regional Office in Santa Gertrudes DNPM and the importance of increased supply and fair price of natural gas, especially the industrial sector. About descontigenciamento, the Minister said he would look into the situation; on the Regional Office, the Minister said that it supports the initiative and will identify what needs to be done to enable the election; and on natural gas, you want to schedule a meeting with the Business Associations Forum Natural Gas Pro-Market for the month of May, and held effort to increase the fuel supply for the segment.

Braga said that the mining sector is experiencing a new moment in the face of the international scenario and stressed the importance of dialogue between the industry players and the government. “We are open to a frank, open dialogue and resolute, with an area that has a social and political importance to Brazil,” said the minister.

The Secretary Carlos Nogueira said at the meeting of the opening, the segment was represented in its various production chains, by 16 entities. According to Nogueira, the goal is to receive the MME contributions of associations.

Besides the ASPACER, representatives of the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM); Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industries (ABINAM); National Association of Ceramic Industries (Anicer); National Union of Industry Coal Extraction (SNIEC); National Association of Aggregate Producers Entities for Civil Construction (ANEPAC); Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious Metals (IBGM); National Union of the Gypsum Industry (Sindusgesso); The National Union of tin extraction (SNIEE); Brazilian Association of Agricultural Limestone Producers (ABRACAL); The Brazilian Association for Dimension Stones (ABIROCHAS); National Union of the Cement Industry (SNIC); The National Union of Iron and Base Metals Extraction (Sinferbase); Brazilian Association of Mineral Exploration Companies (ABPM); Agency for Technological Development of the Brazilian Mining Industry (ADIMB); Brazilian Center of Ornamental Stones Exporters (Centrorochas); and the National Union of Brazilian stones for Construction Industry (Sindirochas).