4th National Forum Design presents Alexandre Brunato

Posted in Fórum Nacional

Alexandre Brunato, present in the ASPACER headquarters on 10 August, the lecture “Product Showcase: a truth of design and architecture.”

Since the graffiti on the walls of cities, traces on any surface, anywhere, Alexandre Brunato chose the industrial design and architecture as training. Architect and urban planner, with projects in the areas corporative and visual merchandising with a strong presence at trade shows and retail, created and produced work for various companies in the sector of construction and finishes. In the commercial and retail architecture, like to see the impact of proposed changes in the presentation of products in consumer awareness or repositioning a brand. His marriage to photography is used to improve the look, be it critical or poetic, about the city, about life or about architecture. After all, the architecture is made of eyes on us all.

Inscriptions on the site: www.aspacer.com.br/cursos-palestras