Project for recovery of local roads is planned for February

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In February last year, ASPACER attended the signing of the Agreement in DER headquarters in São Paulo.

The Department of Roads (DER) reported today, 13 which is in progress, the executive project for recovery of roads in Rio Claro municipalities and Santa Gertrudes. The completion is scheduled for February 2015.
Upon completion of the project will be initiated to environmental licensing processes. The bidding of the works is scheduled for July 2015, starting in December 2015 and completion period of 12 months. The budgeted amount of assistance is $ 16.6 million.

In February, ASPACER participated in signing the agreement for paving of side roads along the mayors Palmínio Altimari Son (Rio Claro) and Roger Pascon (Santa Gertrudes) on the premises of DER (Department of Roads) in Sao Paulo.

City authorities in Rio Claro, as well as the state representative Aldo Demarchi (DEM), which from the beginning, follows the election advocated by ASPACER participated in the act. “We started working on this project next to the ASPACER about five years and one of the main results will be the elimination of dust (particulate matter), an environmental problem that concerns the potters and much of the population of Santa Gertrudes, Rio Claro and region . Finally, we come to a solution, which demonstrates the importance of unity between government and private sector, “said the deputy.

With approval of the then superintendent of DER, Clodoaldo Pelissioni, current Secretary of Metropolitan Transport of the State of São Paulo, will benefit four vicinal, starting with the following Assistance District in Rio Claro, to the border of Santa Gertrudes. The passage is 1 km long and paving should cost R $ 1,012,000.00. You will also receive the outer deck that begins at Highway SP-127, from the roundabout of the Rio Claro Field Club and ending at Treasury Lame, with 3.7 kilometers and costs estimated at £ 3.7 million.

The third agreement intended R $ 8,188,000.00 to be 8.2 km asphalted road that starts on the outskirts of Rio Claro with Santa Gertrudes and proceeds to the entrance of Itaúna Finance. Is still scheduled paving the outer joining Highway SP-316 (Constantine Peruchi), near the 168 km + 200 meters, the beginning of argileiro complex of Finance Goiapá. The investment in this work of 3.8 km is set at $ 3.8 million.

The company Concresolo Engenharia Ltda, through a bidding process, was chosen to develop the project.

In May last year, was published in the Official State Gazette, the bid for execution of the first stretch of the works and paving services Road Vicinal, 5673 Agreement involving DER (Department of Highways) and Santa Gertrudes – SP, which connects the currency of this municipality with the municipality of Rio Claro, to the entrance of Finance Itauna, with a length of 8,2km.

Action began with the election in 2009 ASPACER

In February 2009, the ASPACER took the initiative by the state deputy Aldo Demarchi (DEM) and the mayors of Rio Claro, Santa Gertrudes, Cordeirópolis, Ipeúna and Iracemápolis, address to the DER of São Paulo, request for paving roads that cut through these cities. At the time, the Department explained that the State Government would invest in the improvement and recovery of roads that met basically two points: roads that serve as interface two or more municipalities and those that were known forms of transport of raw materials and cane sugar for regional economic activity, as is the case of vicinal Polo Ceramic Santa Gertrudes.

In March 2012, the governor of the state of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, was the headquarters of ASPACER and sincer and participated in conversation with the then president of the association, Heitor Ribeiro de Almeida Neto and political authorities.

During the meeting, President of the entities delivered a letter reporting the actions of polo on fighting the particulate matter. At the time, before the request reported in the document handed to the Governor, Geraldo Alckmin announced that the state would release to the paving of 15 km of side roads.