About the Award

In 2010 when little was mentioned in design in the ceramic tile industry visionary businessman John Bergstrom Oscar Neto, at the time President of ASPACER, spear, ASPACER Design Award, in partnership with the Ceramic Center of Brazil. Since its inception, its main objective was to enhance the development of professional ceramic tile industries and encourage technological innovation products.

Participants are necessarily officials responsible for the sectors of creation and development of products and suppliers of ceramic industries. The judging panel is made up of renowned professionals from various fields: construction, design, retail and communication.

In each edition the event evolves in organization, participation and results and this year, we realized that it was time to become the prize in national and broaden the visibility of national ceramic coatings industry. Aspacer and the CCB strengthening its partnership took a bigger step and perform the ASPACER National Design Award which may be contributed by companies around the country.

This event is organized by ASPACER – Paulista Association of Ceramic Coating with the support of CCB – Ceramic Center of Brazil.

Its main objective is to value the talents involved in the areas of implementation of the national ceramic industries and their suppliers.