-No May be placed clear dough products (atomized and monoporosa mass)?

We understand that all the Paulistas manufacturers producing atomized powder also produce porcelain. So should register in the category porcelain with their respective products of this type.

Can we subscribe to the companies through the CNPJ? With so I have 3 entries?

As described in item 3 of the Regulation, may sign all legal units of each group or company, but will limit one (1) entry for each legal unit, which need not necessarily be in the same category.

Can we display products that are not manufactured in the company, as pieces of burning 3, porcelain and imported pads, as we sell all these products together?

Only products manufactured at the company may be placed.

Can we display products that are in development, even if it is in partnership with suppliers?

Yes, the products in development may be placed on that issue. As the partnership with the vendor, please note that there is also a category for them. Remember that the award is made only for one person, responsible for developing the product according to each category – that is – the manufacturer category should be placed in charge of the legal unit competitor. If a supplier and a manufacturer have the same product, both will be disqualified.

-Fornecedores 3 burning TBM can apply?

Yes, they can also subscribe.

-Fornecedores Ceramic tile TBM can apply?

Yes, they can also subscribe.

Will Possible to mix special parts to the categories via dry and porcelain?

Yes, you can mix special parts in these categories.

-We Do not manufacture special parts, just sell, we can participate in this category?

No, only manufacturers may participate in the categories.

-Can Subscribe jobs or companies that make artistic ceramics?

Yes, in the special category.

– How should I make the application and cost?

No Cost

Registration must be made of the day 05/12/2014 0:00 by Record fill
corresponding, captured at site until the day 06/20/2014 23:59 or at the headquarters of
ASPACER day until 20.06.2014 at 17.30 (Street 04 No. 470, Centro, Santa Gertrudes / SP), which should be
duly completed and sent with the panels or digital media.

– How many panels can present

In the category supplier may be entered only one panel. Each legal unit of companies may have an inscription with a single controller.

– Have a minimum of parts per panel?

There is no minimum number of pieces per panel. Only must observe the theme of “innovation” as a parameter – as described in the regulations.

– We distrubuir the pieces the way we want in 1,50cm x 2,00cm panel will provide you guys?

Yes, paging, within the panel format, is free.

– Who will evaluate these projects?

The jury is composed of architects, decorators, designers, representatives of specialized magazines and ceramic researchers.

– Will be presented to the public only the 1st and 2nd place … or all placements?

All products will be displayed at an exhibition in the delivery of the awards night.