Forn&Cer last day: international exhibitors, the fair brings together innovative products for the ceramist sector

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The city of Santa Gertrudes received during that week, businessmen from various fields of expertise to present the coating industry and ceramic floors what is most modern and sustainable to optimize production processes. Parallel to the 6th Congress Industrial Ceramic, the ASPACER and sincer promote the 8th edition of Forn & Cer, which features exhibitors and visitors the potter segment.

Improve processes, ensure productivity without harming the environment and still be profitable for it. Which the company administrator who would not want to apply machinery and equipment that meet these requirements? For those visiting the fair you can find variety and new, arising also from other countries.

The director of the Chinese company Guanddong Eding Industrial, Justin Zhou presented innovations for potters, given the current scenario of water crisis in many parts around the world, especially in our country. “We decided to come to Brazil to show that you can save water in the polishing and drying processes,” he said Zhou saying that one of the machines use only 10% of the water that is normally used in the process, which also includes the cleaning of the product in these conditions .

In its first year of exposure, the director says that it is also possible to produce floors with a rate of only 0.01% water, something completely new for waterproofing such products. “This same technology automatically classifies floors and separates them according to the temperature, and the operator is responsible only for trigger computerized command and supply the machinery,” Zhou said emphasizing on safety.

In that matches the operator safety, the Application Engineer Tracbel company, David Kovaes Luduvico, said one of the news for the sector and the operation simulator machines for ore extraction. “With the simulator training does not arise operator safety at risk, in addition to preserving the equipment,” said the engineer.

When talking about sustainability, the form of electricity generation has also been shown by Comgás. The natural gas that was already used for burning in production processes, can also be used to power through electricity, equipment. “In this process, the advantages can

According to the Marketing Adviser, Mauricio Monteiro is possible to obtain significant advantages in different aspects. “In particular, we highlight the immediate provision of energy, competitive cost and still causes less environmental impact,” said Monteiro explaining that the gas follows the same principle as the diesel generators, but does not harm the environment.

The 8th edition of Forn & Cer ends today, 19.

Fonte: Wagner Gonçalves