Cordeirópolis launches program for recovery of the Armadillo Bowl

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The Cordeirópolis City Hall held this coming April 22, the presentation of the Basin Forest Recovery Project Ribeirão Tatu (Promata). The goal is to preserve springs and extending the recharge of municipal water sources.

In the presentation will be exhibited all project execution stages that is already underway. In this first phase has already been done, for example, the mapping work of the entire area surrounding the watershed of Ribeirão Tatu.

According to the mayor Amarildo Zorzo was recently carried out at the identification and characterization of existing sources across the basin. “The existence of diversasnascentes in the watershed were advanced, now with the project we promote forest enrichment and reforestation,” said the mayor.

As IrrigartEngenharia Environmental Engineer driving Promata, Felipe Silveira, through an initial diagnosis were defined 15 springs and their watercourses as a priority area, which are situated in the amount of Clay Black and gravel. “Preserving these areas are used as source for public supply, is to ensure the supply of the city, in quantity and quality of water”, he said.

The launch of the program takes place from 14h in the Pacific Theater John Ataliba Baroque Cultural Center that is located in the city center.

Fonte: Assessoria de Imprensa - Prefeitura de Cordeirópolis