ASPACER participates in meeting to fight dengue

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On the morning of Tuesday, 10, the mayor Du Altimari and entrepreneurs gathered at the headquarters of the board Ciesp – Center of São Paulo State Industries – Regional Rio Claro. The ASPACER was represented by institutional relations, Maria Fernanda Rodrigues dos Santos. The main issue was the fight against dengue and corporate support for preventive action. The holder director of Ciesp, Assed Bittar and the director and speaker of the House, John Zaine, accompanied the meeting.


The mayor Du Altimari explained the municipality’s reality reaffirming what had already said in meetings with other sectors of society. Rio Claro is experiencing a period of high alert because of dengue epidemic and the city has redoubled actions and procedures, but the union of all population becomes an important factor to avoid worsening the situation.


Du Altimari also reminded entrepreneurs and business representatives that the highest peak of the disease is the month of April and until then the city could have a very large number of sick people and even death registration. For now Rio Claro has the notification of a death in 2015.


Directors and coordinators of the Municipal Health Foundation presented important information about statistics, scientific actions and concepts of dengue and reiterated the participation of entrepreneurs in the awareness of its employees about the dangers of the disease.


The participants of the meeting could take your questions to the Secretary of Health, Dr. Geraldo de Oliveira Barbosa; and the managing director of the Municipal Health Foundation, Edison Rodrigues Filho. The directors of the Foundation put the information and education services available to entrepreneurs.


All were unanimous in recognizing that the effort should be set, since the fight against mosquito that transmits the disease is up to each citizen. Participants left the meeting prepared to spread the information received and to discuss prevention activities in their sectors.

Fonte: Tayna Hian Arezu